New Year Wallpaper

New Year Wallpaper

A 2009 celebration on your desktop


  • High resolution
  • Bright colors


  • Fireworks look a bit fake


2009 might have already arrived but there's no reason why the party should end - that is if you call having a New Year desktop wallpaper on your Mac a "party".

This free New Year Wallpaper takes you on a trip down a country lane with a spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks display. The graphics are crisp and the colors are bright as the fireworks light up the night sky. It has to be said, the fireworks look a little fake - they're clearly superimposed on the scene - but the overall effect is pleasing. It would be nice if the fireworks spelled out "2009" or something otherwise it's quite simply a fireworks display in the middle of nowhere - albeit a nice one.

New Year Wallpaper will appeal to all those who have fond memories of their New Year's Eve celebrations and love fireworks displays.

New Year Wallpaper supports the following formats

1920 x 1200 and 1600 x 1200 Pixels

New Year Wallpaper


New Year Wallpaper

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