New Year Wallpaper

New Year Wallpaper

Celebrate the new year on your PC!


  • Eye-catching image
  • High quality composition


  • A little surreal


If you've decided to stay inside this New Year's Eve there are plenty of ways to experience the thrill of the party without having to brave hoards of drunks and pay extortionate prices for entry into bars.

Simply install deviantART's New Year Wallpaper onto your PC and you'll have a ready-made view of a typical end of year scene. This eye-catching background depicts a tranquil country lane beneath a sky full of dazzling fireworks.

As I said, it's a very striking high resolution image, although it is a little surreal. It's difficult to work out if it's morning, afternoon, dusk or night time; and the contrast between the peaceful fields and rolling hills and the brash fireworks adds to the curiosity of the image.

If you're at your computer on the 31st January, New Year Wallpaper is well worth downloading - if only for a day.

New Year Wallpaper


New Year Wallpaper

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